Elektrik ve Elektromekanik

High Voltage Insulators

Composite laminated termosets have superior performance in high voltage electrical applications such as electrical distribution and transmission.

IZOREEL produces glass fiber, glass mat reinforced epoxy insulating materials showing dielectric properties in humid and dry environment as well as having flame retardant feature.

Our electrical insulating tubes are in NEMA LI-1 /TS-EN 60893/DIN 7735 Standards in an 8mm to 1000mm dimensions up to 9meter length with any thickness. Insulating sheets and tubes can be tailored for desired properties and fine tune in dimensions with machining process. 

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Some applications for High Voltage Insulation

Electrical Insulating Tubes

High Voltage Control Insulators

Stator and Rotor Insulators

Insulators for Generators and Transformers