Production and Technology


IZOREEL Composites, is one of the leader company using filament winding technology in Turkey. Our main expertise is filament winding. Our process is developed by our own engineering department. Our production includes many complex parts like 1-meter diameter to 9-meter length pressure vessels and tubes. Our process is tension and temperature controlled, sensitive and suitable for serial production.

IZOREEL Composites, produces laminated sheets composites in various dimensions with composite molding process suitable for industrial applications. Alternatively, sandwich panels and vacuum infusion manufacturing is available.

IZOREEL Composites possess,

  • 3 Axial CNC Filament Winding Units
  • 4 Axial CNC Filament Winding Units (4m and 9m length)
  • Curing Ovens in Various Dimensions
  • Composite Machining Unit